How Verizon made fashion history out of social conversation



The Millennial demographic in the United States represents an estimated spending power of $200 Billion+. They also represent 22 Million heads of household. Critical to the Verizon business is the fact that this group is 42% more likely to ‘churn’ out of their service than the base customer. To establish a deeper connection with this key demographic and create a greater sense of loyalty, Verizon identified marquee entertainment and live engagement opportunities.


New York Fashion Week is a highly anticipated event with many live televised programs including Fashion Rocks. Taking advantage of this captive audience, Verizon created #thesocialimprint, a campaign designed to make fashion history. By listening to and aggregating the social conversation around key moments during the live show, Verizon established an algorithm influencing the creation of a beautiful pattern. The fabric was then printed real time during and after the show.


The campaign garnered significant success with engagement, sentiment and overall press coverage exceeding benchmarks established by the Verizon team. Equally as important was the industry recognition of the Verizon efforts to connect its entertainment programming with important charitable efforts. The dress designed and created by famed fashion icon Christian Siriano was auctioned off with proceeds donated to Dress For Success.

"Projects like this are what fashion is all about, it's about taking risks, it's about trying new things, and I think in the end it really turned out quite beautiful."

− Christian Siriano

"Verizon weaves together a (literal) fabric from social-media messages"

− Creativity Online - Adage

"Verizon turning your 'Fashion Rocks' tweets into an outfit"

− Mashable

"Social media coversation fuels real-time fabric design for Christian Siriano dress"

− Forbes

"Christian Siriano debuts the first ever Social Imprint garmet with Verizon"

− Fashion Times