A front seat view for the awe-inspiring, live celebration and final show at New York’s legendary Roseland Ballroom. Little Monsters all over the world watched and experienced as we streamed MoreGaga


Impassioned tweets are the new applause, giving feedback in real-time. Sharing content in real-time for recognition from peers are the new souvenirs. While the core behaviors are the same, the mobile revolution has enhanced live experiences, letting everyone be an active participant in a shared moment.

Demonstrate the power of technology by showing, not telling and enhnancing the live Lady Gaga experience for millions of dedicated fans.


Create a live, interactive, multi-camera stream of the final show at Roseland Ballroom. Fans watched and participated during the Lady Gaga performance in new and unexpected ways. Customizable camera views, in-tweet live streaming, shareable ‘snack’ size social content and celebratory animated gifs were all part of the fan experience.


Leveraging the power of an artist and her ability to engage a fan base of 60MM+ proved very important to the Verizon brand. The GetMoreGaga program garnered significant reach across the digital and social channels with long and extended periods of engagement on the brands platform. Attribution and association for participation with Lady Gaga and the live performance, proved critical to Verizon among a hard to reach millennial target. Sentiment for the brand was at an all time high during this program.