A shopping experience reimagined for the new mobile lifestyle.



Today, the Mobile Accessory business represents a $7 billion market, with product innovation hitting mainstreet faster than ever before. As consumers rely more heavily on living a connected mobile lifestyle, from their fitness and entertainment activities, to their home security and control preferences, the opportunity to provide a central destination for all mobile needs has wireless carriers and big box retailers racing to establish an ownership position.


People don’t come into stores to look at virtual products. They come to try out the real thing. Together with Verizon, we created a 10,000 sf environment, where consumers can immerse themselves with the product via real life demonstrations, in situations similar to their own lifestyle habits. Get Fit, Amplify It, Have Fun, At Home, are just a few of the many experience zones within the store.

How do you dimensionalize the Verizon Network, making it more tangible for consumers to experience?

You create a 30′ interactive, gesture based experience.


Adoption of the new lifestyle experience store has been extremely successful for Verizon. Although specific numbers cannot be released, the Verizon market share of the Accessory business has seen significant growth and continues to be a primary area of focus for the company. Verizon has become a true destination for mobile accessories and connected devices. Consumer and industry reaction has also been extremely favorable.