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Throwback to when the #taggedshow showed up at VidCon and took pics with everyone! #tbt #getintotrouble

Posted by go90 XO on Thursday, June 29, 2017



VidCon US, one of the largest video conferences of its kind, gathers thousands of content viewers, creators and industry representatives from all over the world

each year. go90 is a premium video streaming service from Verizon digital entertainment. They came to us eager to create brand awareness. In order to do this, go90 needed to be at the forefront of the top video events for millennials today.


An immersive consumer experience was created featuring go90 talent from top performing shows, a go90 branded green room and the sponsorship of the VidCon meet & greet hall, the most popular part of the entire event. Incorporating talent and tech in the form of hologram interaction was also an important part of this event.


go90 had its moment to stand out from the crowd at VidCon. Inclusion of top go90 talent, drove a significant lift in reach across all platforms, from digital and social to industry press. Showcasing the breadth of content available on the app to VidCon attendees resulted in a spike in viewership on the go90 service. The activation received significant support from influential voices within the creator industry and from the talent themselves, resulting in a social reach of 16.5MM.

Verizon | Fashion Rocks

With New York Fashion week being one of the biggest events of the year, Verizon saw an entertainment opportunity to connect with the millennial audience through the ‘Fashion Rocks’ live concert.

They #thesocialimprint, a campaign designed to make fashion history. By listening to and aggregating the social conversation around key moments during the live show, Verizon established an algorithm influencing the creation of a beautiful pattern. The fabric was then printed real time during and after the show.

The campaign garnered significant success with engagement, sentiment and overall press coverage exceeding benchmarks established by the Verizon team.